Does your job say something about your chances of going through a divorce? Recently, researchers have found that some occupations come with higher rates of divorce than others – and the answers might surprise you. The study, published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, found that the 15 jobs with the highest rates of divorce are as follows, in ascending order:

1. Maids and housekeepers, and cleaners
2. Roofers
3. Waiters
4. Telemarketers
5. Baggage porters and concierges
6. Entertainers, performers, and athletes
7. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides
8. Telephone operators
9. Factory workers: food and tobacco
10. Gaming service worker
11. Extruding machine operator
12. Gaming cage worker
13. Massage therapists
14. Bartenders
15. Dancers and choreographers

Jobs that come with the lowest divorce rates include engineers and law enforcement officers. Of course, the research does not show whether certain jobs are more likely to cause divorce or whether those drawn to certain occupations are more likely to divorce.

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