Washington Attorney General recently announced the 9.9 million dollar settlement of a class action with the manufacturers of a medical device implanted in women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse, and various urinary issues, including incontinence. The surgical mesh devices, made of polypropylene, are permanently implanted into a woman’s body to hold up falling organs. The mesh is very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.  Some women have reported various complications such as cramps and frequent pain, chronic urinary tract infections, depression, and vaginal deformity. 

The Attorney General’s lawsuit claimed that the manufacturer of the surgical mesh devices, Johnson & Johnson knew but failed to disclose serious risks including chronic pain and pain with sexual intercourse, which greatly increased due to the difficulty of removing the mesh after it was implanted.  

Due to the legal obligation to keep medical records private, the Attorney General’s Office does not know the names of the women who received the surgical mesh implants but learned that up to 14,000 women in Washington State have had the surgery. Consequently, the Attorney General cannot make direct contact with the affected women and needs the women to contact the claims administrator of the class action in order to claim their share of the settlement funds.  The Attorney General asks affected women to make a claim by providing their contact information. More information is available on the Washington Attorney General’s website.

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