This week we shared eight warning signs of a partner who could become emotionally or physically abusive in the future – based on domestic violence studies done regarding the issue. 

 Red Flags of Abusive Behavior 

  • Quick changes in temperament. Can one little thing set your partner off – and can his or her temper change in a matter of seconds? Are you usually to blame for whatever has happened – even if you are obviously not at fault? This is an early sign of emotional abuse.
  • Unusual demands. An abuser often grooms his victims for greater acts of abuse over a matter of weeks, months, or even years. One way he or she can do this is through making unrealistic demands on their partner, many times regarding how the partner looks or how the partner should keep the home or treat the abuser.
  • Threats. Threats have absolutely no place in any healthy relationship – no matter if the threats are ever carried out. If your partner has ever threatened you or someone you love, it is certainly a warning sign of abuse to come.
  • Any use of force at any time. Few abusers suddenly turn to physical abuse out of the blue. Many victims can recall small uses of force earlier in the relationship, such as holding a victim down or not allowing a victim to exit the room.

Domestic Violence Isn’t a Private Issue or a Dirty Secret 

Domestic violence is a legal issue with serious consequences. If you have a domestic violence case, you may wish to discuss your options with an experienced, knowledgeable Seattle domestic violence attorney. Call Molly B. Kenny today.

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