For some women, divorce is something that they never expected and could have never guessed – but for a surprising number of others, divorce is something that they had been concerned about since day one. With the recent celebrity divorce between reality television star Kim Kardashian and professional athlete Kris Humpries – whose marriage only lasted a few months past their lavish wedding day – many are talking about brides who have doubts even on their special day.

According to a recent survey, as many as one out of three divorced women say that they had doubts about who they were marrying on their wedding day. Why wouldn’t they call off the event and look for someone who was right for them? According to those interviewed, they were filled with hope that everything would work out – and they badly wanted the dream of a husband, a family, and married life. Many mentioned biological clocks and timelines – the idea that if they didn’t get married now, they wouldn’t have time to have children or accomplish goals. 

Some women responded that they always knew that their relationship would likely end in divorce, but that they didn’t realize how complex and emotionally difficult a divorce would be. 

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