According to some demographers, the divorce rate in the United States has been steadily increasing over the past 30 years. In King County, Washington, more divorces took place than in any other county in Washington State in 2013. The following examines the divorce rate of King County for 2013:

More Divorced Filed in King County Than Anywhere Else

In the year 2013, there were 25,395 petitions for divorce (25,291) or annulments (104), filed in the state of Washington, and 1,005 petitions for legal separation. Of those, more divorces were filed in King County than in any other county in the state; in fact, one out of every five divorces filed in Washington in 2013 was filed in King County.

The number of total number of petitions, divorce petitions, annulment petitions, and legal separation petitions filed in King County in 2013 are as follows.

  • 5,310 divorces
  • 24 annulments
  • 245 legal separations

Why so many divorces in King County?

The high rate of divorces within King County may be explained by fact that King County is the most populous county within Washington State. In 2013, the reported population was 2.044 million people. As such, the divorce rate was 5,310 divorces/2.044 million residents multiplied by 1,000, or approximately 2.6 per 1,000 population. When looked at this way, the divorce rate was actually lower in King County per population than it was in some other counties within the state. For example, Pierce County had a divorce rate of approximately 3.6 per 1,000 population.

Most Divorces in King County Filed By Those with No Children

Out of all of the divorces and annulments filed in 2013 in King County, the majority of them were filed by couples with no children – 2,772. 1,237 partners with two children filed divorces/annulments, and 1,062 partners with one child filed divorces/annulments. Couples with four children filed 145 divorces/annulments. Throughout the entire state, those without any children were most likely to file for divorce or annulment than were those with children in 2013.

Where You Can Learn More About Divorce in King County

If you are currently married but are considering a divorce, legal separation, or annulment, it’s important that you have a legal advocate on your side who can explain to you the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of each. To read more about common types of divorces in Washington, or what the divorce process is like, visit our blog today.

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