This week Mattel announced a new Barbie doll to join its lineup of 83 different Barbie Career Dolls. The new Barbie career of the year is a JUDGE, who comes wearing a classic black judicial robe, with a white lace collar (a nod to the look of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and is complete with her own gavel and gavel stand for keeping order in the court! For its 60th Anniversary in 2019, Mattel committed a full line of career dolls to help inspire girls to a wide variety of careers. The marketing slogan for the new Judge Barbie states that “Barbie is taking the stand to inspire girls to explore a career in the courtroom.”  Check out the other careers here, which delightfully includes an Astrophysicist, a Marine Biologist, a Dentist, a Robotics Engineer, a Baby Doctor, and even an Entomologist!  

Dream Gap Program 

Mattel is also conducting a “Dream Gap” program, based on research that shows after age 5 many girls develop self-limiting beliefs that make them think they are not as smart or as capable as boys. The Dream Gap project is a global initiative to give girls the resources and support they need to believe in themselves. Mattel is working with college scholars to conduct research and develop school curriculums to empower girls to reach their full potential.  However, at least one study suggests that playing with Barbies actually limits career aspirations. 

Female Role Models for Mattel

Mattel has promised to feature at least 10 new female role models each year so girls can go beyond their imagination and actually see successful role models.  Mattel chooses actual female role models and creates a doll in their image. Check out the photos and their matching dolls on this webpage, which include famous athletes, scientists, journalists, chefs, activists, artists, and a few leading ladies from history; Pilot Amelia Earhart, NASA physicist, Katherine Johnson and Artist Frida Kahlo. WOW! 

There is also a Barbie Vlogger on YouTube, which claims more than ten million views! Here’s a link to the Barbie Vlog where she talks about her role model, Katherine Johnson, who made her understand that “math makes imagination real.”  Barbie has come a long way from the days when there was a talking Barbie with a phrase, “Math class is tough”  and the Shopping Barbie who came with a credit card and cash register where she could max out her credit limit, and instantly get more credit, so she never ran out of money! 

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