For Thanksgiving this year, we want to give a shout out to all those whose lives have experienced positive change after their divorce.

One of the greatest pleasures in the practice of family law is to see or hear how the lives of clients have dramatically improved as a result of taking action to end their marriage. Many of our clients have expressed deep gratitude for the positive changes that have brought them peace and happiness.

To summarize some of our testimonials, here’s a list of thanks our clients have expressed after their divorce:

Thankful for feeling safe

Thankful for changing my mindset and bringing hope

Thankful for returning my sense of dignity

Thankful for empowering me

Thankful for learning to stand up for myself and my children

Thankful for finally getting a good night’s sleep.

Thankful for getting me financially ready to move forward

Think about how divorce has enhanced your life and what you are thankful for as a result.  Maybe you’re just thankful to have less laundry or fewer meals to cook. Maybe you’re grateful for not having to buy Christmas presents for the former in-laws.  Maybe you’re thankful for getting to buy new shoes without getting a lecture that you already have too many. Maybe you’re grateful for the peace and quiet you now enjoy without all the TV shows or sporting events you never cared to watch.  Or maybe you are grateful that you can watch football all weekend without someone complaining you watch too much TV. Maybe you’re grateful for how much free time you now have to enjoy your hobbies or social outlets. It can be a much bigger life altering gratitude- Maybe your parenting plan brings order out of chaos and eliminates stress over children’s schedules because most issues are already decided. Maybe divorce lead you to new friends, a new job or a new home.  

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