Is moving on after divorce harder for men or women? Researchers in the UK aimed to answer that question. They regularly surveyed 10,000 people aged 16-60 on their happiness. They found women were happier than men but tended to experience other consequences of divorce, like financial problems.                                                                                                   

Below is a quick guide for men hoping to move on from divorce. Also check out our men’s guide to divorce, which reveals 20 things you need to do before a divorce, the factors used to calculate child support, and more.

Tips for Men to Move on after Divorce Socially

Many of the tips that help women move on after divorce are also equally beneficial for men. A support system is vital in the weeks and months after the divorce. Strong support networks are considered one of the crucial differences in how women move on so much faster than men. Join a local support group for males in your area.

Even just joining a new sports league can keep you busy and remind you that you have positive qualities to offer that are unrelated to your past relationships. The secret to moving on for men is to replace one relationship with another. You need to break the ties that bound you to just one person for all of your emotional needs.

Therapy and counseling are also beneficial in terms of expressing one's emotions. Men seem to have a harder time expressing themselves, and getting all the resentment and anger out of their system. A good therapist can help you move on by helping you release pent-up energy without the worry that you are bothering your friends with your problems.

Tips for Men Moving on After Separation: Focus on Yourself

Focus on your health. In the days and weeks after the divorce, you are more susceptible to drinking excessively and engaging in other kinds of destructive behavior. If you know that you will spend the weekend just getting drunk alone, make plans with friends. Also, look at your eating habits. People tend to eat excessively, or eat unhealthy foods in the weeks after a divorce.

It isn’t only women who can benefit from a makeover after divorce. Chances are you have let yourself go, especially as the marriage began to unravel. Invest in some new clothes, get a haircut or buy that toy you always wanted, but she never let you have.

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