Each year on the 4th of July, we join in our community’s celebrations; hanging out our flags, watching the big parade, going to festivals to see the fireworks,  having a grill-out party or a picnic and proudly wearing our red, white and blue. Amidst all the partying and festivities, we often forget that the day is set aside to celebrate our nation’s hard fought independence. So let’s change it up a bit, and reflect on all the other moments of hard fought independence in our lives that are notable achievements worthy of celebration.  

All parents joyfully celebrate the day when their toddler is potty-trained and can independently use the bathroom. CELEBRATE NO MORE DIAPERS!! 

All kids are excited about starting school, and that first day of school often brings tears to the parent’s eyes as their child leaves them behind for adventures without them. CELEBRATE EDUCATION! 

All teens look forward to learning to drive, and earning the right to leave the house on their own, driving the family car to have fun with friends. CELEBRATE FREEDOM!

One of the proudest moments of parenting is to see your child graduate from high school and college, each representing great steps towards independence. CELEBRATE ACHIEVEMENTS! 

As divorce lawyers, we are privileged to see how gaining one’s independence from a marriage that is not working in anyone’s best interest is cause to celebrate. The family law lawyers at Molly B. Kenny, LLC, want to help you follow the path to independence when your life circumstances call for that big change in your life. 

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