For the month of November, when we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a great time to focus on being grateful for all the things in your life that bring you joy, that make life easier, that leads to positive change, or eliminates negative thoughts. Mindful thankfulness is an important practice for anyone, but especially important for those going through difficult transitions.  You might find the suggestions below a great counterbalance to the negative thoughts that naturally come up during the divorce process. There are numerous methods of practicing gratefulness, so you need to find what works best for you.

A Few Ideas To Practice Gratefulness

  1. Music: We all occasionally get a song stuck in our head, and without realizing it, that song may help to push out negative thoughts, or give your brain a rest from all the chaos, almost like meditation. If you search the word “Grateful” on any music source like Amazon Music, Spotify or YouTube, you’ll find numerous choices. My personal favorite is “I’m so Grateful” by Karen Drucker.  You can hear it on YouTube with this link. She also has a different song, “I am Grateful” with lyrics, “I promise to keep my heart wide open with every breath I take I am grateful” – a great affirmation to say over and over. You can hear it on YouTube here.  A third one with a great foot tapping beat is simply called “Grateful”, which you can find here. If you play a grateful song a couple times in a row, you’re bound to get it stuck in your head! 

  1. Journal: Simply search Amazon, or your favorite book seller site for “Gratitude Journal” and you’ll find numerous choices, some with writing prompts, some with daily motivational quotes, others just a blank diary, and even one for kids.  Most claim that it only takes 5 minutes a day to write something down each day to practice mindful thankfulness. If you’re not into writing, or don’t have an extra 5 minutes a day look at the next suggestion.

  1. Text Messages (or DM messages on other social media platforms):  Ask one friend or family member to exchange a daily text to report one thing that happened or one person (or pet) that did something that made a difference in your life that day. Maybe your yoga instructor helped relieve that lower back pain, or maybe your local barista made you a very tasty Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte. We are all pretty fast at texting, so this takes less than a minute! It truly works to make you realize your life is full of things to be grateful about. 

Bellevue Family Lawyers Are Here to Help During Stressful Times

The family law lawyers at Molly B. Kenny, LLC wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and hope that you are practicing mindful thankfulness to erase negative thoughts and focus on the positive changes happening in your life. 

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