Divorce can be expensive. And in addition to court and lawyers fees, knowing how you’ll get by financially on only one income can also be challenging, especially if you have children and if you weren’t the main household earner for your family while married. However, there are multiple options for financial survival after divorce. Here’s what you need to know about financial survival after divorce.

Spousal Maintenance Payments

If you were the financially dependent spouse during your marriage, then a court may order that your ex-spouse pay you spousal support payments following the dissolution of your marriage.

Under RCW 26.09.090, spousal maintenance orders are determined by a court based on the following.

  • Financial resources of each party
  • Education and training of the spouse seeking maintenance
  • Standard of living established during the marriage
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Age and physical/emotional condition of the spouse seeking maintenance

Child Support Payments

If you have kids and are getting divorced, then a parenting plan must be created between you and your divorcing spouse. The parenting plan will set in place rules regarding with whom the child will live. If you’re granted custody of your child, then you will also be given child support payments, to be made on the part of your ex-spouse. These child support payments can greatly help with financial survival after divorce.

Social Security Payments on Your Ex-Spouse’s Record

In some cases, you will continue to receive benefits from your ex-spouse’s Social Security account despite the divorce.

The criteria for getting benefits on your ex-spouse’s record, as determined by the Social Security Administration, are as follows.

  • You were married for your ex-spouse for a period of at least ten years
  • You are unmarried
  • Your ex-spouse is at least at 62
  • You and your ex-spouse are both entitled to receive Social Security benefits
  • You would receive a smaller benefit on your record

Spousal support and Social Security payments are a helpful supplement to one’s finances after a divorce, especially if you were not the primary wage-earner. Talk to a Washington state divorce attorney about securing these benefits while writing the divorce papers.

A Divorce Attorney Can Help You With Financial Survival after Divorce

Seeking a fair alimony payment, developing a parenting plan, and even dividing assets equitably isn’t always straightforward, and if you don’t have an attorney, then you may lose out on opportunities for financial assistance.

At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, we’ll advocate for you to ensure that you get a fair outcome during divorce, and that you recover the payments you’re entitled. If you’d like to schedule a consultation now, call us at 425-460-0550 today. 

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