It might seem like one of the hardest times of your life now, but a new study shows that facing a moderate trauma like a divorce may make you stronger, tougher, and better able to face future obstacles.

According to a study authored by University of Buffalo researcher Mark Seery, having too little trauma or too much trauma in your life can make coping with hard times extremely difficult. But for those who have faced some trauma in their life, such as a divorce, the death of a loved one, or tough financial times, the result is generally a more resilient person who is less likely to crack under the stress or pressure.

Why might this be true? The study author believes that overcoming some trauma, such as divorce trauma, could lead to:

  • A sense that a person can overcome adversity.
  • A network of loved ones and social support.
  • A better tool house of coping skills.
  • A brain with better-developed coping mechanisms.

One part of the trauma study focused on a group of people with chronic back pain. Those who had faced moderate past trauma were less likely to abuse prescription medication and have the pain affect their daily lives than those who had seen significant trauma or no trauma at all.

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