A recent divorce study found that when a woman is diagnosed with a serious illness, her chances of divorce increase. The same study found that when a man is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, his chances of divorce decrease. But, what happens to the divorce rate when a couple’s child is diagnosed with cancer?

Relationships Aren’t Affected by Kid Cancer Diagnoses

While some studies have shown the parents of multiples or the parents of autistic children have a higher chance of divorce, a new Danish study has found that the parents of children with cancer are not more or less likely to divorce or separate than other couples.

According to the study, which was published in the journal Pediatrics, there is no correlation between child cancer and parental divorce. The study analyzed 47,000 Danish families over two decades – both families affected by cancer and families not affected by cancer – to reach their results. While they did research why divorce and separation were not more likely among families battling cancer, one researcher said that although a child’s cancer diagnosis is traumatic, many families are able to cope.

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