A good resource book can help you prepare for working with your lawyer: to understand the terminology, to know what questions to ask, to contemplate options and to build confidence in your decision-making process. The Fourth Edition of “Divorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal & Financial Challenges of a Gray Divorce” was recently released by Attorney Janice Green.  Since Ms. Green is a lawyer from Texas, any Washington resident seeking a divorce in Washington should rely on local counsel as state laws on divorce vary widely, state by state.  

Understanding The Divorce Process: A Guide

With that caution in mind, the book is still a valuable resource for beginning to understand the process. She discusses the various paths a divorce can take, including contested trials as well as arbitration, mediation and collaborative divorce, all available options in Washington State.  The book is described as a “Roadmap for late-life divorce,” dividing the topic into 13 chapters, including guidance on getting professional and personal help, and how assets are divided, including big ticket items such as your home, retirement assets or the family business. One of the most important chapters prepares you for potential bad news- often taxes and debts, which will strengthen your ability to deal with it when you have to work with your lawyer to find solutions.  Her discussion of health care needs and financial survival will also help prepare you for a realistic discussion with your lawyer about being prepared to move forward.

The book wraps up with survival stories, which many will find reassuring. The book should be available at your local library, but can be purchased through local booksellers and through Amazon at a very reasonable price.  

Washington Divorce Attorneys Are Here To Help

The Seattle divorce attorneys at Molly B. Kenny, LLC, want to help their clients to make wise choices. Being prepared for the vast number of issues that must be decided in the divorce process is the first step to making wise choices. If you have questions regarding a divorce call our office today at 425.460.0550

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