The rainbow flags lining the streets of Seattle help to remind us that June is celebrated as Pride Month. June is selected in honor of the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots which helped trigger a revolution in gay pride. Gay pride has made significant positive changes to our acceptance and understanding of issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, and new research and thoughtful commentary continues to bring new insight. 

The Stonewall Riots

At the time of the Stonewall riots, the gay revolution gained traction by a narrative that being gay was not a personal choice, it was an inherent trait that you were born with based on your genetics.  You were either gay or straight at birth. In the past 50 years, we have furthered our understanding that genetics isn’t quite that simple, as the concept of sexual orientation has moved from one of rigidity to gender fluidity. These issues have recently been addressed in a special Pride Month series of articles published by Slate Magazine. The following highlights from two of these articles may inspire you to follow the links and read the entire commentary – they’re both fascinating and educational! 

In the article “Categorically Gay”, the author discusses his observation of a recent surge in conversations with friends or colleagues who are identifying their sexuality as queer or questioning, some leading to new relationships and changes in marital status.  His reflections can help us understand and respect the new direction of the LGBTQ+ movement.     

In the article “Researchers May Soon be Able to Isolate the Genetic Roots of Homosexuality- but Should They?”, the author reviews a recent study that has identified about 40 genes with different variants which are associated with differences in orientation. The author raises a host of ethical issues worth pondering if science develops a genetic test for sexual orientation.  

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