Each year in the United States, hundreds of thousands of homes are put on the market because the homeowners are divorcing. While divorcees can be extremely motivated sellers, and while homes being sold by divorcing spouses are often sold below market value, real estate experts warn that buying a home from a divorcing couple can be complicated and even hazardous.

What can go wrong when buying a home from a divorcing couple? In some cases, the sellers may disagree on whether they should sell the home at all – and one spouse may be aggressively trying to ruin the deal. In other cases, the sellers may disagree on price, timeline, or other vital decisions that cause expensive delays. In still other cases, a couple may choose not to sell or even get back together.

What should you do if you are considering purchasing a home from a divorcing couple? Financial experts say to get as much information as possible regarding whether or not the divorce is amicable – and make certain that both the husband and wife have signed the selling agreement before moving forward.
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