This month, we discussed the best strategies and tips for asking your husband or wife for a divorce—steps you can take to make your entire divorce process more amicable and less stressful. In this blog post, however, we’ll discuss what to avoid when you decide to ask for a divorce: 

  1. Don’t ask for a divorce during an argument. When tempers are hot and a fight takes place, it might be a tempting time to scream, “ I want a divorce!” However, this is far from the ideal time to let your spouse know how you feel. Ask for a divorce when you’re calm, and your spouse will not only take your statement more seriously, they will also be more willing to talk about the topic. 
  2. Don’t ask for a divorce and walk away. Although you don’t need to give an explanation for wanting a divorce, your spouse probably deserves time to talk to you about the topic, voice their concerns, and process the statement. While it might be tempting to drop the bomb and leave, this might make the legal divorce process more difficult and set a bad tone. 
  3. Don’t ask for a divorce and make confessions (or accusations). The conversation in which you ask for a divorce should not be the same conversation in which you outline all the mistakes you’ve made—or the mistakes your spouse had made. While you may certainly need to process your emotions and analyze the past with your spouse at some point, this may not be the time. 

Generally, even though you may be extremely upset with your spouse when you ask for a divorce, try to keep their needs and feelings in mind. Doing so may help both of you during the divorce process that lies ahead. 

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