Two recent stories on different media platforms highlighted successful step-parenting stories:

A “Youth Radio” project of a local NPR station recently featured a teenager who struggled with but eventually found common ground to build a healthy and happy relationship with his step-dad.  Hearing the story from the 15 year old teenager’s point of view is enlightening


Michael is not unlike most teens who are reluctant to accept another parent in his household and thinks he doesn’t have to listen to someone who really isn’t his parent. The key to Michael’s change of heart is the very mature recognition of what he and his step-dad have in common. Love!  When Michael realized that his step-dad truly loved his mother as much as he did, he opened up to the possibility that they also shared other similarities. Communication became their key to successfully discovering shared interests and goals.  When the Step-dad communicated his motivation to help prepare Michael for a successful future, then Michael was able to accept and appreciate his step-dad’s actions.  


The current season of America’s Got Talent also had a heartwarming story about a contestant who attributes his success to his two sets of parents, and all 4 appeared on the program together to show their support. Watch this YouTube video to hear this young man’s story and watch his golden buzzer performance.


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