There are some things that you can do alone, and there are things were it makes sense to get help from a qualified professional. While many, if not most, people who are seeking a divorce in Washington State may benefit from the advice and assistance of an experienced lawyer, there are some situations where that advice and support is even more important.

Five Times You Don’t Want To Mess Around

If your divorce involves any of the following issues then it is important to seek the advice of a divorce lawyer. Specifically, you should contact a lawyer if:

  • You, your spouse, or the two of you together have a high net worth.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse occurred during your marriage.
  • Domestic abuse occurred during your marriage.
  • Your spouse is unwilling to be reasonable or to negotiate and instead seems to want to fight with you throughout the divorce process.
  • Your spouse has hired an attorney.

However, even if none of these conditions apply to you, you may still benefit from hiring a divorce lawyer.

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Whether or not today is the day that you contact a divorce lawyer—today should be the day that you begin educating yourself about the Washington State divorce process. Accordingly, we invite you to download a FREE copy of our book, The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Divorce in Washington or The Thinking Man’s Guide to Divorce in Washington, and to browse the free articles and videos on this website. We also encourage you to share this blog post with anyone else you know who is thinking about a divorce and who might benefit from knowing more about his or her rights.

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