Honestly, I'm still shocked and unable to process what happened.  After exposing my raw emotions to the court and spending seven days surrounded by his disturbed energy, I am emotionally exhausted.  Even so, thanks to you ... I see light shining in the distance!

All I know is, I'm profoundly grateful for everything you've done to help me.  From day one, you treated me with respect and dignity which speaks volumes about your integrity and personal character.   You stood by my side, defending me without judgment for two solid years.  

Watching you work the courtroom with such fearlessness, strength, and intelligence was very empowering and inspiring to watch.  You have served as a role model in my life with traits I'd love to harness and expand upon within myself while I continue to embrace the healing process.

Thank you Molly!  You are a beautiful human being!!!!  

MW - King County