Posted on Oct 17, 2011
A new study that examined sexual satisfaction, frequency of sex, and agreement between partners about the quality of their sex lives has found that a man's sexual satisfaction is the best predictor of successful marriages and divorce.

In the study, researchers collected data from 1,000 young couples over a period of six years. While neither the frequency of sex or agreement between partners could be linked with divorce, the sexual satisfaction of the man in the relationship did affect the success of a marriage. In fact, men who were sexually satisfied in their marriage were 87.5 percent less likely to experience marital problems than those who reported that they were not satisfied. While a sexually satisfied wife was also tied with lasting marriages, researches could not separate sexual satisfaction with overall marriage satisfaction for the women in the study.

What does this study teach us? Because of how the study was conducted, it is hard to draw any hard conclusions from the data except that sexual satisfaction is more important than the frequency of sex in a marriage. More research must be done to clarify the connection between happiness in the bedroom and happiness in married life.

The researcher who conducted the study adds that more research needs to be done because all of the couples examined where newlyweds and resided in the same geographic area.

Molly B. Kenny
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