Getting a divorce is rarely a simple process; instead, divorce can be drawn out, contested, and emotional. What’s more, disputes over possessions, child custody, and a fair spousal maintenance are also standard. If you think that you don’t need a lawyer during your divorce process, here’s why planning for divorce rarely works out, and why the help of a legal advocate may be essential.

Disputes Over Child Custody

For those who have children, one of the most frequent arguments that couples face is with whom will maintain custody of the children and where they will live. Working out a custody schedule and parenting plan can be very difficult for couples, and often, one partner may change his or her mind entirely.

For example, you and your spouse may have agreed that you holding sole custody is best. However, once things start getting packed up and his or her time with the kids grows shorter and shorter, feelings of isolation and loss can appear, translating to increased fighting in court.

Emotions and Animosity

Another reason that divorce rarely works out how you envision it, is that some people don’t deal with their emotions immediately. Reactionary people will likely suffer as soon as divorce is mentioned. People who were raised to approach problems objectively will likely seem calm and composed as plans for divorce begin but as time progresses, will need to deal with feelings. This is not a bad thing but can color how one views negotiations that were perhaps previously verbally agreed-upon.

As both halves of the couple adjust to new lifestyles, if the specifics of the divorce are not legally documented, anger and resentment can surface and make a previously planned outcome seem unfair. Friends or relatives may suggest to your ex that his or her situation is unfair and s/he should get more: money, time with the kids, etc. With no legal framework in place this can lead to ongoing discussions and fights, hampering one’s opportunity move on.

Hiding Assets

In some cases, one partner in the marriage may try to hide assets from the other partner and the court to avoid division of property, child support, or alimony payments. While you may think that your spouse is happily revealing all assets to a court, financial infidelity is a real problem. As of this point you each are on your own and have to look out for your own well-being. Divorce lawyers can do detective work to look for hidden assets.

How an Attorney Can Help

In rare cases, a person and ex-spouse may be able to work out everything on their own without a third party. In the majority of instances, though, a lawyer is a core part of reaching a fair divorce agreement. From understanding community property and spousal maintenance laws to parenting plans and other things that you’re entitled in a divorce, hiring an attorney is within your best interest.

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