Going through a divorce can be a traumatizing time for all parties involved. Separating spouses may experience grief, anger, and other raging emotions, and any children may be affected by the process as well. Furthermore, a divorce may prove significantly more difficult without the help and availability of certain professionals who can offer aid and comfort.

If you are pursuing a divorce in Bellevue, Washington, having the assistance of divorce and family law professional can keep you grounded and help you know what to expect. Consider seeking help from the following professionals and other resources to obtain guidance for you and your children through the divorce.

Financial Planners

A divorce generally signifies a division of most or all of the marital assets, and, as such, those going through a divorce may benefit from the services of a financial planner. A financial planner can help a divorcing spouse fully understand his or her new financial position, and advise accordingly on how to plan for the future.

Family Therapists

A divorce can result in a significant amount of turmoil within the family, most notably when children are involved. Children may feel anger or resentment toward parents, and the parents may exacerbate this by arguing or fighting.

Parents can also alienate children by showing outward displays of aggression or disagreement in front of the children. To help resolve these issues, divorcing spouses may, individually or together, wish to visit a family therapist in the area.

Child Therapists

In some situations, it may be better for children to speak with therapists without the parents or other family members present, in order to better express their emotions or to help them feel more comfortable. If your child seems to be taking the divorce poorly, but won’t speak to you about the issue, it may help for your child to speak with a child therapist.

Support Groups

Even with the help of divorce and family professionals, it may still be helpful for separating spouses to seek out support groups where individuals share experiences on a similar topic. The Bellevue area is host to a variety of divorce support groups, in which you may be able to get advice, meet others, and simply talk and express your feelings in a comfortable atmosphere.

A Divorce Attorney

Along with the aforementioned resources, it is also in your best interest to meet with a Bellevue divorce lawyer if you are going through a divorce. An attorney can help you with child support and child custody agreements, alimony agreements, the division of property, and other issues that may arise during your divorce.

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