Although they lived together for several years and discussed marriage, our client and her partner never tied the knot. They did, however, decide to purchase a house. They went home shopping together, met with a realtor, and put their financing together. 

During the loan approval process, it was determined it would be more advantageous if the opposing party took out a loan in his name alone. The home closed and the happy couple began living in their new home and making improvements. Although our client’s partner was the higher earner, she contributed to household expenses and made several mortgage payments. 

Our Attorneys Get House Named Community Property

After the couple broke up, our client argued they had been in a committed intimate relationship, and the house should be treated as community property. He argued it was his separate property and brought up numerous counterclaims for payments he made towards her debts prior to their relationship. 

Exhaustive discovery and careful tracing in preparation for trial led to a global settlement. The house was sold, and our client received a lump sum in excess of her expectations.

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