, a luxury dating site founded 14 years ago, surveyed 5,000 of its members about their thoughts on remarriage. The survey revealed that wealthy divorced men and wealthy divorced women are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their inclination to remarry. It also provided insight into the differences between men’s and women’s motivations to remarry.

Likelihood of Remarriage for Wealthy Men and Women

The survey results revealed a huge difference in men’s and women’s desire to remarry.

  • Men – More than 83 percent of divorced wealthy men said they would consider remarriage within the next five years; 11 percent said they would consider remarriage after five years; and 5 percent said they would never consider remarriage.
  • Women – Women were much less enthusiastic about the idea of remarriage. Only 32 percent said they would consider remarriage within the next five years. The vast majority – 70 percent – said they would never remarry,or would wait 10 or more years to consider it.

Motivations for Marriage

Not only do men and women differ in their inclination to remarry, but also in their motivations. The men alluded to the fact that love is not the only motivation for them to remarry. Instead, 40 percent of the men said they wanted to remarry to “share their wealth” or to “spoil a beautiful woman.”

Women, on the other hand, still have love as their driving force to remarry. They want to know that they are loved, despite their imperfections. They seem to be comfortable living single and do not want to enter a marriage for anything less than love.

Also, men seem to have a harder time living alone after a divorce, and women tend to flourish. Marriage experts can only speculate why wealthy women are so much more likely to remain single after a divorce. Part of it may have to do with the fact that women more often divorce because their partner was unfaithful, and they do not want to risk the hurt and stress again. (As an aside, men mostly comprise the member database of the dating website that encourages infidelity,

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