You know divorce is no cakewalk; you know it can be expensive, and you know your life will never quite be the same. But until you’ve gone through it, you have no way of truly understanding the realities of divorce or the residual effects divorce have on your life.

Uncommon Facts about Divorce You May Want to Know

Below are a few candid things about divorce that no one talks about but that are handy to know. After all, the more you know about what you may face in the future, the better equipped you’ll be to handle the situation when it’s staring you in the face.

  • Divorce stinks, no doubt, but it can also be a blessing. Many people who escape unhealthy marriages find newfound hope, freedom, and joy after the divorce.
  • Keeping your cool during the divorce will pay off. Sure, you may want to retaliate for harms, but anger, guilt, and spite will only drag on the legal matters and wind up exponentially increasing the cost of divorce.
  • You will not get everything you want in the divorce. There will more than likely be disputes about financial matters, custody, and alimony. Compromise will be necessary, and you may walk away feeling like you’ve got the short end of the stick.
  • Regardless of how ready you are to move on with your life and begin dating, you should think carefully about openly dating before the divorce is final. Dating prior to divorce might complicate legal matters and could bring emotional complications as well.
  • Expect to lose friends. You may need to divide your friends after divorce. You’ll feel sad, hurt, and betrayed, but keep in mind, blind loyalty and small-mindedness can shroud good judgment. Let go of those who are not helpful or supportive of you.
  • You will see less of your children. It’s not ideal, by any stretch. But, there are tons of helpful resources for co-parenting, and you will become acclimated to the situation. Raising your children in a loving home (albeit a single parent home) is far better than raising them in an unhappy two-parent home. You will even learn to appreciate your alone time.
  • Being divorced gets easier over time. You may feel like you’re in a pit of despair or heartache, but time does heal. With each passing day, you’ll get a little more comfortable with your new life.

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