The Weekend Child Visitation Schedule: Weighing Pros and Cons

A recent survey found that more families of divorce are choosing diverse and customized child visitation schedules. However, the traditional weekend visitation plan, in which children spend the week with one parent and the weekend with the other, is still very popular on parenting plans. What are the benefits and drawbacks of the weekend child visitation schedule?

The Benefits of the Weekend Child Visitation Schedule

  • Kids get equal time with each parent – With time at school factored in, parents get a roughly equal amount of time with their children.
  • Kids don’t get shuttled multiple times per week – Some parents prefer switching physical custody every two or three days, but that can leave kids feeling like they are never settled down in one place.
  • Kids get an uninterrupted school week – Especially if you and your ex live in different school districts, switching physical custody during the school week can be logistically difficult, time-consuming, and tough on your kids.

The Drawbacks of the Weekend Child Visitation Schedule

  • One parent rarely gets the children during the weekend – You may feel like you never get to see your children regularly and may not be able to establish a schedule with your children when they only visit on the weekends.
  • One parent rarely gets the children during the week – You may feel like the other parents get the kids during the fun, free weekends while you have the children during the drudgery of the school week.
  • Children may dislike being away from school friends over the weekend – When children are whisked away for the weekend, they may feel like they are missing out on school-related or neighborhood-related activities.
  • Children may feel like one place is more like home – Even though parents get an almost equal amount of time with their kids, the children may feel like home is the place where they sleep five nights out of the week.

Obviously, all child custody plans will be difficult in some ways and there is no ideal plan that leaves children and parents with no complaints. Sometimes, the most you can do is choose the best plan for your family and be sure to give your child as much love, attention, and security as you can when they are in your possession.

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