Divorce Mediation in Bellevue

When two people are going through a divorce, it is not uncommon for a whirlwind of complications and disagreements to present themselves. Because a couple must make many decisions about dividing assets, spousal support and child support payments, child custody, and more, finding a solution to resolve contention is a must. For couples who don’t want to settle their disputes in court, divorce mediation in Bellevue can be a good option.

How Mediation Works

During mediation, a neutral third party works with the couple to resolve issues and make important decisions about divorce-related topics. Mediation intends to clarify issues in a safe environment and provides a way to negotiate disagreements and discover a solution together. The mediator does not make decisions regarding the case and only serves as a facilitator to help the parties reach a resolution on their own terms.

Benefits of Mediation

There are multiple benefits of mediation. First and foremost, mediation is often much less costly than it is to settle disagreements in court. Another benefit is that unlike a decision made by a judge, you’ll get a greater say in the decisions made during mediation. Mediation often is more flexible, faster than going through court and can allow parents to avoid conflict that might arise in litigation, which can benefit children.

For example, some couples use mediation to resolve disagreements over a parenting plan. The mediator will encourage the parents to focus on the needs of the child, rather than their own personal needs. It can allow both parties to voice their opinions and concerns and work together to arrive at a solution.

Is Mediation Right For Us?

If you and your spouse are filing for divorce but don’t want to deal with a drawn-out, expensive court battle, then mediation might be the right choice for you. Court battles can get ugly – if you want to settle disputes while staying on positive terms with your spouse, then mediation might be right for you. The latter point can be especially important to parents who do not wish to subject their children to a lengthy and contentious court battle, even if the child will never set foot in the courtroom.

Finding Mediation Services in Bellevue

You can find mediation services in Bellevue through the Washington State Dispute Resolution Centers or DRCs. The DRCs provide mediation services for a wide range of conflicts, divorce included. In King County, Washington, DRC services include the Bellevue Neighborhood Mediation Program, the DRC of King County and the Mediation Clinic, UW School of Law.

It's important to note that mediation does not require the services of an attorney. However, if you are concerned about agreements involving large property or assets or feel more comfortable with an attorney’s approval before agreeing to anything, you may consider pursuing mediation with representation from an attorney.

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While mediation can be a good way to resolve conflicts, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes going through the process of an in-court divorce hearing is necessary. If you need legal help when it comes to filing your divorce or preparing for court, call the attorneys at the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny.

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