What Is A Guardian Ad Litem?

In some divorce and child custody cases in Washington State, a specially-trained guardian ad litem (GAL) is assigned to the case by the court to investigate and determine what the best interests of the child or children is. A guardian ad litem may interview the child, the child’s parents, the child’s teachers, and other important figures in the child’s life. The guardian ad litem will also often visit the child’s home and other significant environments. After the investigation and interviews are complete, the guardian ad litem will report back to the judge what the best interests of the child are and give his or her recommendations. In addition to acting as an advocate for minors, a guardian ad litem may also represent the interests of adults who are incapacitated. In addition to being used in divorce and child custody cases, a guardian ad litem may also be used in child abuse cases, child neglect cases, adoption cases, and juvenile delinquency cases.​

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