In Washington State, What is a Parenting Plan?

During your Washington State child custody case, you may be surprised to find that your attorneys and the courts aren’t using the words that you associate with these cases, such as “sole custody” and “joint custody.” Instead, you will likely hear the words, “parenting plan.”

In Washington, a parenting plan is a legal document that outlines where a child spends his or her time, who will make decisions for the child, and how parenting conflicts will be resolved. It’s common for a temporary parenting plan to be put into place during a divorce or separation, and a more final parenting plan to be drawn up after the divorce.

All parenting plans do what is in the best interest of the children, and most parenting plans recognize that what is in the best interest of the children is to have an ongoing relationship with both parents, even if they may spend more time with one or the other. A parent’s time or decision-making capabilities may be limited if they have a history of domestic violence or abuse, if they struggle with substance abuse, or if they have demonstrated a lack of ability to parent.

Parenting plans go beyond the idea of joint custody and sole custody and instead focus on the fact that all families are different, and co-parenting solutions after divorce should be as diverse as these families.

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