Earlier this month, a man walked up to a person on Capital Hill and struck him in the head with an ax, killing him. Now police say that the suspect had been arrested three times in the last year for domestic abuse and domestic violence incidents.

Seattle Police say that 26-year-old Michael LaRosa walked up to a man in front of several witnesses and killed him with a hatchet. Now his ex-girlfriend, who lives in Florida, says that she had a restraining order against LaRosa and had been a victim of his violence in the past. She also said that LaRosa suffered from a number of mental illnesses during their relationship and stalked and threatened her after being devastated by their breakup.

During their time together, LaRoasa struck her several times, was verbally abusive, and destroyed her property. A court ordered the man to attend drug and alcohol counseling and to take his mental health medications.
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