How to Change Your Name in a Washington State Divorce

Some women wish to return to using their maiden name after a divorce, while others choose to take on a different name from both their married name and their family name. Either way, in Washington State, a name change even during divorce requires a few steps and can take up to two months to complete. Here’s how the process works:

•    Complete the initial paperwork. You will need to fill out your county’s name change form as well as your district court’s name change form. In addition, you will need to file your divorce forms as well.

•    Pay the fee to change your name. This fee may vary by what Washington State county you reside in.  

•    Get final approval from the judge. The judge in your divorce can okay your name change and give you documentation that proves that your name change has gone through.

•    Change your name on all important accounts and documents. Now that you have documentation proving your name change, be sure to update all of your bank accounts, your driver's license, your passport, your personal records and credit cards. We have created a name change checklist of the important organizations and documents which will require updating.

Note that it can be much easier to change your name back to your maiden name than choosing a new last name altogether. This is because you have a history of having your maiden name and important documents such as your birth certificate, which already list that name.

Changing your name or keeping your married name is just one of many tough decisions you will need to make during the divorce process. The Bellevue divorce attorneys at the Law Office of Molly B. Kenny can help you through every step of this process and offer you the legal assistance you need. To learn more, call 425-460-0550.

Molly B. Kenny
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