Andrea Travillian, founder of personal finance education company, Smart Step, Inc., provides four suggestions for women contemplating or facing divorce on her blog:

Know what is going on during the marriage
Many of our female clients have allowed their husbands to make all of the financial decisions in the marriage. As a result, they do not know anything about their financial situation as they prepare for divorce. Travillian says its important that women take the time to discuss and review investments, bills, and insurances with their husbands. If you are considering divorce and have not played a role in financial decisions, take the time to gain some knowledge about your financial situation.

Take the emotions out
Many women let their emotions get the best of them and focus solely on getting the divorce over with and moving on. They rush through the settlement process in hopes that the divorce will be final quicker. Travillian says it is important for women to remove the emotion and focus on getting a fair settlement and leaving the marriage with some financial stability.

Get a good attorney
Hiring an attorney who has experience and your financial security in mind is imperative when you are facing divorce. A bad divorce settlement is very hard to undo. Travillian suggests getting recommendations to find a competent attorney who will focus on getting you a fair settlement.

Change your lifestyle
Although it may be difficult to change up your lifestyle, especially if you have children whom you are trying to shelter, it is important to realize that you will probably not be able to maintain the same lifestyle post-divorce. Living beyond your means will only make things more difficult.

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