A former Seattle SuperSonics player and Washington State resident Brent Barry will divorce his wife, Erin Barry. Their divorce comes after allegations that Erin Barry, who is known for her extensive charity work in Seattle as well as her good looks, had extra-marital relations with another professional basketball player, Tony Parker. Park has filed for a divorce with his wife, actress and sex symbol Eva Longoria.

During his time on the Seattle Sonics, Barry made 669 three-point baskets and scored over 4,000 points. According to the gossip magazines, it is unclear if Erin Barry and Tony Parker had an ongoing affair or if they were just engaged in emotional cheating. Longoria says that the pair sent hundreds of text messages to each other of a sexual nature. It is unclear if Erin Barry and Tony Parker will start or continue a romantic relationship after their respective divorces are finalized.
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