Divorce Myth #7: Mothers Are Favored For "Custody" of the Children

Myth: The courts favor mothers in determining “custody” of the children.  The court will always give custody to the mother and never to the father just because she is their mother.    

Truth: This is definitely not true. Courts are increasingly recognizing that children need both a mother and a father in their lives on a regular and consistent basis. And they need a father more often than for just 48 hours, from Friday evening to Sunday evening, every other weekend. Courts recognize that both parents add value to their children’s lives.

Fathers are different than mothers but they both are indispensable. Courts are more and  more willing to entertain and to order an equally shared schedule – 50% of the time with mom and 50% of the time with dad.                                                                   

Make Sure You Get a Fair Shot in Your Child Custody Agreement

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Fathers have just as much right to custody of their child as mothers. If you worry about your right to custody and visitation of your child, I can help. Call 425-460-0550 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.

Molly B. Kenny
Founder and Principal Divorce Attorney
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