The Seattle Times Examines the Good Divorce

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

In the August 30, 2013, edition of The Seattle Times, reports take a closer look at how some families in Washington State are approaching their post-divorce relationship with their ex with greater understanding, cooperation, and even love. After decades of custody battles and acrimonious property division, more are turning toward mediation, collaborative divorce, and teamwork.


The article takes a closer look at one relationship in particular, between a Washington couple that has managed to have an elusive “good divorce.” Kristin Little divorced her husband, Stefan, five years ago, when their child Sebastian was just a baby. Although the divorce was painful for everyone in the family, the couple is now making their new relationship work to the benefit of their now six-year-old child.


The ex-spouses now have new partners and Stefan has a new infant daughter. The two regularly see each other, get together as a family, and support each other. Why? Kristin says that the relationship simply makes sense for their family—whereas regret, grudges, and hurt feelings did not.


How do couples work toward a so-called “good divorce?” Kristin—as well as experts—say that it starts with a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation, in which couples can begin working on compromise and understanding, before the divorce is even finalized. It continues when they are both able to develop plans for continuing their lives, careers, and child care arrangements together as they begin the new chapters of their lives. Kristin and Stefan went as far as writing a family mission statement. In addition, they spoke to career and financial specialists to make their transition as smooth as possible.


You may read the full article here.


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