Some Are Choosing Separation But Not Divorce

Posted on Aug 03, 2010
Why do some people choose to stay in the gray area between marriage and divorce? According to a recent feature article in the New York Times, a small number of couples choose to physically separate but legally stay married.

Experts say that the reason that many choose to stay legally married is financial – couples who can’t afford to sell their home in a down market or who can’t afford to live separately might stay together. In another case, a couple might stay together to keep health benefits for the spouse even though they live in different apartments. Still others might not get divorced to benefit from tax breaks and other perks given to married couples.

Other types of couples may simply stay separated but not divorced because they don’t see a reason to go through the process – if neither plans to marry again, they may simply want to avoid the costs and time that goes into legally ending their marriage.

Of course, those who choose not to divorce often find themselves in tough positions – many are faced with questions from friends and relatives, while others face a difficult position when one or both parties begin to seriously date again. Separating but not getting a divorce also is very financially risky – a partner who you no longer live with can still ruin your finances or put you into debt. On the other hand, if you gain assets, your partner could still legally take half. Finally, if you remain separated but not divorced into death, you can leave a complicated and difficult situation for your children or relatives.

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