Mercer Island Man Charged With Felony Domestic Violence

Posted on Jul 12, 2011
A King County man has been charged with arson and felony domestic violence after allegedly setting the home he owns with his ex-wife on fire and attempting suicide.

According to the West Seattle Herald, 40-year-old John C. Siegel violated a court order to stay away from his ex-wife after a number of other illegal domestic violence incidents over the past three years. Seattle Police say that they responded to two emergency calls earlier this week – one regarding a house fire and another regarding a suicidal man. Emergency responders found Siegel in the home with self-inflicted cuts on his wrists and a fire spreading in the home. Though Seigel did not admit to starting the fire, an initial investigation revealed that the blaze was started by someone with an open flame in an upstairs room.

Siegel’s ex-spouse told authorities that he told her the night before that he would kill himself if she left. A neighbor told police that the home was in foreclosure.

Siegel was recently released from jail following a string of convictions stemming from his domestic violence related to his divorce proceedings. The issues began in 2008, when he reportedly broke his wife’s jaw. That incident was followed with a restraining order, restraining order violations, threatening messages, stalking, and assaults. In March, he was charged after threatening to kill Seattle Municipal Court Judge Kimi Kondo during a court proceeding. In May, a former employee accused him of assault and harassment.

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