Generation Xers Striving For “Peer” Marriages That Last, Researcher Says

Posted on Aug 08, 2011
Generation X has some of the lowest divorce rates ever recorded – at least so far. What is making them so successful at staying together? Some researchers and marriage experts believe that their attempts at peer marriage might be working, while their desire to have a different family life then their often-divorced parents also helps.

According to one researcher who studies marriage and divorce, Generation X has a better idea about how to stay an individual during a marriage. Their parents' marriages often ended unhappily because one spouse tried to dominate the other, or because there were clear gender roles that caused resentment. Today, a larger number of spouses are more open to keeping their own lives and hobbies even in marriage – and even keeping a few harmless secrets. At the same time, the researcher said, people have a better grasp that marriage doesn’t lead to happiness. While a long-term and committed relationship can be rewarding and enjoyable, you are still responsible for the your own happiness.

The final helpful Generation X marriage advice? It seems like the newer generation is more likely to understand that no marriage is perfect and that no two marriages are the same. With no pressure to be perfect, it can be easier to be content with what you have.

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