Congressman Jim McDermott to Appear in Seattle Divorce Court Next Week

Posted on Sep 22, 2012

Following a year of ongoing legal battles, 75-year-old Democratic Seattle Congressman Jim McDermott and 57-year-old Therese Hansen will appear in a King County divorce court next week to settle their increasingly acrimonious divorce with the help of a judge.


The couple originally announced their divorce in August of last year, when both McDermott and Hansen intimated that they were going to have a quiet, fast, and private divorce. However, in the following months, a series of public court filings revealed that division of property and other negotiations were not going smoothly.


The couple married in 1997 – it was the second marriage for the 13-term Congressman. At the time of the nuptials, Hansen, an attorney, signed a prenuptial agreement that entitled her to 55 percent of the couple’s assets in the event of a divorce. Now, however, she is arguing that McDermott had hidden assets, including a retirement fund, rendering the contract void. Hansen more recently filed that she was suffering from hardship due to mounting legal costs. Recently, a judge ordered McDermott to cover $50,000 of her $91,000 in legal fees.


McDermott claims that he didn’t hide anything before their prenup and marriage – and that his wife is an attorney who should have better understood the contract. He added that she was on a “witch hunt,” and that she had a vendetta.


Hansen has also stated that they are heading toward a resolution and that while she has struggled personally with McDermott, she still plans on voting for him again in the upcoming election.

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