The Three Major Steps Of The Divorce Mediation Process

Many people are familiar with how divorce litigation works – we’ve all seen movies and read books that contain divorce court drama. However, fewer people are familiar with the process of mediation – while some know that mediation is a way to talk through a divorce agreement with a neutral party, not many know the general steps of the process.

The First Meeting

During the initial consultation, the mediator will usually set the rules for future meetings and the couple will set general goals. Tasks will be assigned for future meetings and the couple will be asked to gather financial information. In most cases, the mediator and the couple will sign a general agreement for moving forward with the mediation process.

A Series of Sessions

Over the following weeks or months, couples will attend appointments with the mediator to discuss division of property, child custody, child visitation, and other aspects of the divorce agreement. The number and frequency of these meeting depend heavily on the two parties involved – how much time they need to gather information, how much time they need to consider options, and how easily it is for the couple to come to agreements. Some meetings may be scheduled between the mediator and an individual.

The Final Agreement

As the mediation sessions continue, the mediator will be noting agreements and drafting a final document outlining the couple’s decisions. A draft of this agreement will be reviewed by both parties, their attorneys, and the mediator before a final signed copy is sent to a judge for official approval.
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