Seattle Family Lawyer: The Advantages of Washington Collaborative Divorce

Washington collaborative divorce is an excellent choice if you and your spouse are looking to settle using alternative dispute resolution. Much like mediation, divorce collaboration takes the power out of the judge’s hands and into the hands of you and your spouse. Unlike mediation, it also involves a lot of help from your attorneys as well as other experts, such as financial advisors and child custody experts. Let’s take a closer look at the six biggest advantages of collaborative divorce:


  • Collaborative divorce is less expensive. Although divorce collaboration can be more expensive than divorce mediation, it is almost always less expensive than taking your divorce to court (unless the collaborative divorce process fails).
  • Collaborative divorce is more private. Like divorce mediation, collaborative divorce allows you to keep your finances and other personal matters private, as opposed to divorce court, when you may have to publically speak about your property, your marriage, and your split.
  • Collaborative divorce can be emotionally easier. Divorce collaboration is often less stressful and less combative than a court divorce – you aren’t dealing with the idea that a judge decides your fate and you aren’t fighting with your ex as much as you are working with them.
  • Collaborative divorce can be faster. If you and your partner cooperate, divorce collaboration can be much faster than a court divorce. Working together openly, compromising, and allowing concessions make the process go much more smoothly and quickly.
  • You work together instead of against one another. Collaboration is about teamwork, while a court divorce is more often seen as one side winning and the other side losing. Working together during your divorce can make it easier for you to continue a non-romantic relationship with your ex after the divorce, which may be extremely important if you have children.
  • You are in control of the settlement. In a court divorce, the judge has the final say when it comes to your finances, your property, and even your parenting plan. In mediation, a neutral mediator guides you and your spouse to a mutual decision. In divorce collaboration, you, your partner, and your attorneys control the details of the settlement.


Collaborative divorce may necessitate a Seattle family lawyer with knowledge and experience regarding the collaboration process. To learn more about this process, and to find out if collaborative divorce might be the best option for you and your family, contact the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny today at 425-460-0550.

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