Representative Cases

Refusal to Return Children

The 2 young children went to Louisiana to visit their father. But he and his new wife refused to return them as agreed and they started legal action in Louisiana for custody. Through effective use of the courts in Washington and Louisiana, our client, the mother, was able to retrieve her children and bring them safely back home.

Wrongfully Accused of Sex Abuse

A father was accused of sexually abusing his children. After much litigation, including mental health evaluations of both parents it was discovered that the mother had made false accusations. The psychologists determined that the mother's abuse history had caused her to be "hyper-vigilant" about possible sex abuse. Our client, the father, received forty percent residential time with his children.

War of the Roses

Both parents had drug and/or alcohol issues and both vied for the children's loyalty. Before our entry into the case, the father had succeeded in limiting the mother's contact with the children to 2 hours of supervised visitation per week. After carefully selecting and working with the appropriate professionals - mental health and addiction professionals and a Guardian ad Litem, the father agreed to a permanent parenting plan that called for 50 — 50 custody.

Misrepresentation in Employment

A health care professional had been recruited to join a local group, which meant closing his practice and moving his family to the area. Once here, the income he actually received was 40% of what he been promised and he found that he simply could not support his family at that level. A jury rendered a judgment in his favor that compensated him for the move and the lost income.

Professional Family

A stay-at-home mom married to a health care professional prided herself on her abilities as a wife and mother. The father was a demanding perfectionist. During the divorce, the father turned the mother's homemaking abilities against her, and accused her of having an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCD). Based on the mother's alleged OCD, the father tried to get custody of the children. we brought in psychological experts and our client, the mother was awarded custody at trial.

Domestic Violence

A mother had been the victim of ongoing psychological abuse by the father, who had drug and alcohol problems. After psychological evaluations of both parties, the father was ordered into anger management, while the mother went into a domestic violence shelter. A parenting plan was ultimately reached by agreement wherein the father had supervised visitation. Our client, the mother went back to school with the proceeds of the financial settlement and is doing well parenting her daughter alone.

Threats to Remove the Child from the Country

The mother had married an Afghani national, who was a professional working in the United States. The mother was rightly concerned about having the father take their daughter out of the country and back to his home country. We negotiated a parenting plan with many safeguards and had immigration flag the child in the computer to prevent a kidnapping situation.

A Stalking Spouse

The father, a high tech computer expert, had taken it upon himself to go to the local "spy store" and bug the entire house, including the telephones and the home computer. At the same time, the mother discovered hard-core pornography on the computer, just a click away from the children's Disney games. The computer was forensically downloaded by a computer consultant and a private investigator was hired to de-bug the home. With all of the evidence of the father's dysfunctional behavior, a parenting plan was reached in mediation in which he agreed to go for a deviancy evaluation and went from supervised visitation to weekend visits over the course of many months.

Valuing a Family Owned Business

A husband and wife owned a successful business and were in deep disagreement about the value of the business and how to split their assets. Working with financial professionals and business lawyers, we were able to mediate a settlement in which both parties received substantial assets as well as a piece of ongoing business.


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