Common Legal Separation Myths Dispelled by a Seattle Divorce Attorney

Legal separation can be a great choice for couples that no longer wish to share their lives and finances, but many don’t exactly understand what legal separation is or why it might work for some people better than a divorce. Let’s dispel some common myths and misunderstandings regarding legal separation in Washington State:

Myth #1: You only have to move out in order to have a legal separation.

When you or your spouse moves out of the house, you are informally separated. To get a legal separation, you have to file paperwork in court. Some couples may benefit from simply separating physically but not legally, while others prefer to split legally, especially for financial reasons. 

Myth #2: Legal separation is just like a divorce. 

It’s true that legal separation and divorce are more similar than many people think, but there are a few key differences. In a legal separation, you are still married to your partner in name, and you can still share some of the benefits that married couples have, such as health insurance and retirement benefits. In addition, you may still be considered married by your church. 

Myth #3: If we are legally separated, we can’t live together. 

Just as being married doesn’t require you to live under the same roof, being legally separated does not require you to live under different roofs. However, many legally separated couples choose to live apart from one another for a number of reasons. Some might be ascertaining whether a divorce is the right next step, while others may find it easier to separate their finances while living apart. 

Myth #4: If we are legally separated, we have to eventually divorce. 

Many couples that legally separate eventually divorce. However, some remain legally separated permanently while others decide to reconcile their marriage. It is important to understand that because couples choose legal separation for a variety of reasons, the next step after their legal separation differs. 

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