Divorce, Dragged Out: How Your Spouse Could Delay Your Washington Divorce Proceedings

Spouse dragging out the divorce processOne of the most common questions we field from our clients is, “how long does the divorce process take?” Unfortunately, the answer depends heavily on how cooperative and motivated each party is. If both spouses are prompt and compromising, a divorce can happen relatively quickly. But if one spouse wishes to delay and drag out the process, it can take literally years to reach a final settlement. How might your spouse attempt to drag out your Washington divorce?

Ways a Spouse May Prolong the Divorce Process

  • Abusing the discovery process. It is normal for both sides to ask for evidence during the divorce process, but some spouses may drag out your divorce by filing excessive requests and motions. Suddenly, you are asked to produce huge amounts of information, bringing the process to a crawl.
  • Asking for a continuance. Your spouse may tell the judge that he or she did not have enough time to prepare for a hearing and request a new date. While you need a good reason to file a continuance, your spouse may simply be able to say that he or she has not gotten legal advice yet.
  • Going back on their word. Divorce usually involves verbal agreements of some kind between parties; for example, they may agree on who is staying in the home or which accounts should be used for expenses. If a spouse wishes to delay the divorce, he or she may suddenly go against a verbal agreement, causing new issues to arise.
  • False accusations. In an especially acrimonious divorce, a spouse might accuse you of abuse or child neglect – and he or she may file a protection order. This can complicate both divorce and child custody.
  • Forcing you to file motions. Your spouse may delay the process by hiding assets or other devious tricks, forcing you to file motions to collect accurate information about his or her finances. If your spouse doesn’t cooperate, this process could take significant time.

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