How Long Will Your Washington State Divorce Take? It Depends!

Once you and your spouse have made the final decision to get divorced, you can’t wait to have it over with as soon as possible so that you can start your new life and move on from the past. Unfortunately, divorces don’t happen over night, even when you live in a state with a short waiting period. 

How long does it take your divorce to be finalized in Washington State? Under the law, there is a 90-day mandatory waiting period for all couples. However, many divorces take longer than that due to a myriad of reasons. Here are a few factors that may affect how long your divorce process takes from beginning to end: 

  1. How long have you been married? If you’ve only been married for a few years, it may be significantly easier to separate your lives, figure out how to split your assets, and start anew. If you have been married for a number of decades, however, it may take you longer to untangle your lives and prepare for divorce. 
  2. How complicated are your finances? Couples with separate accounts who don’t own property may find divorce and property division to be a breeze. However, couples with complicated lives, many assets, and multiple investments might find themselves fighting over exactly who gets what. 
  3. Do you have kids? If you have children with your spouse, you will need to discuss the issues of child custody, child support, and child visitation. You also may want to extend the divorce process so that your kids experience a more gradual and less jarring change. 
  4. Is the divorce acrimonious or amicable? If you and your ex are both on the side of compromise, empathy, and understanding, you can aim for a shorter divorce process by working together. If one or both partners decide to put up a battle, you may end up with a trial and a much longer divorce. Divorce may also take considerably longer if it involves issues of domestic violence or abuse. 
  5. Are you considering divorce mediation? Divorce mediation can speed the process of divorce considerably—only if you and your spouse are willing to work together and follow the rules set by the mediator. 

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