Facebook & Twitter: How Social Networking Can Affect Your Divorce Case

A new study has a number of divorce lawyers telling their clients to shut down their social networking accounts – or at the very least to up their privacy setting and keep personal news, thoughts, and feelings to themselves.

According to a survey taken by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 81 percent of respondents said that they have seen an increase of social networking evidence in the courtroom while 66 percent say that it is a primary source of evidence in divorce cases.

In the stories that some divorce lawyers told, some family law cases have been won or lost due to a single Facebook post, an informative Tweet on Twitter, or a unwise status update. One lawyer said that during a child custody case, a lawyer produced a Facebook picture of a so-called recovering alcoholic with a beer in each hand and a marijuana joint in his mouth.

What can you do to prevent your Washington State divorce case or child custody case from being derailed by what you share online?

•    Some lawyers suggest that their clients delete their social networking accounts altogether when entering the divorce process – they can be opened after your case is over and you have started anew.
•    Others suggest that you make sure that your privacy settings are enabled, protecting those without approval from seeing your updates and posts.
•    Simply understanding that your social networking internet use is public is important – don’t say something or post something that you don’t want everyone to know, or that is not true.
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