Five Reasons Couples Choose Legal Separation

The differences between divorce and legal separation in Washington State can be subtle, but they are extremely important when it comes to your property, your children, your relationship, and your future. While legal separation is not the best choice for some couples that want to end their relationship, it can be an ideal option for others.

Here are five reasons that legal separation might be the right choice for you:

•    Separation gives couples a chance to continue to work on their marriage. While divorce is permanent, legal separation can serve as a trial run for couples that are unsure about their decision to end their time together or that would like the opportunity to reconcile down the road.
•    Separation preserves important benefits and insurance policies that would be severed in a divorce. If you and your spouse want to keep your health insurance, life insurance, investments, or other financial plans in place while severing other financial ties, legal separation might be the best choice for you at this time.
•    Separation provides an intermediate step between being together and getting divorced. It can be extremely shocking for a family to go through a divorce in a matter of a few short months. Legal separation gives everyone a chance to adapt to a new life without suddenly being thrown into a new family structure.
•    Legal separation may be more accepted in your church. Some couples choose legal separation because their religious values make choosing a divorce difficult.
•    Legal separation makes it possible to live separate lives, but still be connected in some ways. Some couples may want to live separately but do not want the option to remarry. Others might want to move on but are simply no interested in dissolving their marriage. In these cases, a legal separation is a valid option.
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