Should I Keep The Marital Home In My Divorce?

The home that you and your spouse shared during your marriage can be the most emotionally charged object in your divorce as well as your largest asset. Some want to hold onto their home for financial reasons, some for emotional reasons, and some for the sake of their children. So – should you try to keep your marital home in your divorce, or should you try to move on?

The answer to this question is difficult – and depends heavily on the details of your divorce. In some cases, a person wishes to keep their marital home, but does not realize that the expense of keeping such a home is not realistic for one person. In other cases, someone may wish to keep their marital home because they are not ready to move on to a new phase of their life. In still other situations, a person may be fighting for the home simply because their spouse also wants it.

To find out what the right path is for you, it is important to understand your own feelings and motive – and to crunch numbers to ensure that keeping the home is a good financial decision. If you would like more information about your divorce and your options, speak with a Mercer Island divorce attorney.
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