Why Is Your Spouse Delaying Your Divorce?

This week we have been discussing how your divorce proceedings could be delayed by your spouse, from court date changes to requests for evidence. But now that we understand how your husband or wife can drag out the divorce, we turn to why your spouse may want to delay your divorce. Here are three common reasons:


  • Your spouse doesn’t want a divorce. Some people simply don’t want their marriage to end and are holding on to the possibility that their union can be saved if only they had a little more time. This is perhaps the least manipulative reason to delay divorce; some people just have difficulty letting go or truly believe that they can patch up the marriage.
  • Your spouse is acting out of bitterness. Other spouses are angry about the divorce and want to see their husband or wife suffer though months or years of a drawn-out process. These husbands and wives usually feel that the situation is out of their control, and delaying the divorce process is one way to feel in control.
  • Your spouse is playing financial games. This is the most nefarious reason to delay a divorce: your husband or wife is trying to run up your attorney fees, leave you without living expenses, delay support payments, or hide his or her own assets. These spouses also often fight tooth and nail to keep you from receiving your fair settlement.


Divorce is difficult enough when your spouse isn’t continuing to play games and control your life. At the Law Offices of Molly B. Kenny, our Seattle divorce attorneys will work with you to get your divorce settled quickly and justly. For more information, call us today at 425-460-0550.

Molly B. Kenny
Founder and Principal Divorce Attorney
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